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What to do if you see a turtle nest

Turtle Nest

Another mama sea turtle chose our beach to incubate her little eggs. In 4-5 months, hundreds of finger size babies will emerge from the sand and instinctively head toward the ocean. How Cute!!! [EDIT: it only takes 2 months]

She laid her eggs late last night. At first light this morning, the local conservation agency came on their ATV and marked the nest so that all beachgoers know to avoid the nest site. She geotagged the location, nest size, date, distance from the water, air temp, etc.

Let’s wish these little babies luck as they grow strong enough to brave the “long” trek to the shore this December. Wait, that makes them Christmas turtles!!!!!

If you see an unmarked mound that you suspect might be a nest, do not approach it. Call the FWC and they will instruct you how to proceed. If you see a marked nest, again, do not approach it. Admire the nest from afar and ponder this fact: sea turtles return to the same nesting grounds at which they were born.

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